Summer is a time of fun and relaxation, but not when your air conditioning breaks down. Whether in your home or office, being without AC can be unbearable during the hot summer months. While you wait for the Winter Haven, FL, AC repair service, here are some tips on how to beat the heat and stay cool.

1. Use Fans

While fans may not be as effective as air conditioning, they can still help circulate the air and create a cooling breeze. Place them strategically around your living or work space to maximize their effectiveness.

2. Dress Appropriately

Wearing light and loose-fitting clothing can go a long way in helping you stay cool while waiting for AC unit repair. Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton and avoid dark colors that absorb heat.

3. Close Blinds and Curtains

Sunlight can add even more heat to your home or office, so keep the blinds and curtains closed during the day. This will help block out some of the sun’s rays and keep your space cooler.

4. Take Cold Showers

If you feel hot, a cold shower can relieve you. The cool water can help lower your body temperature and make you feel more comfortable.

Despite the discomfort of being without air conditioning, there are ways to beat the heat and stay cool while awaiting a technician for AC repair in Davenport, FL. Following these tips, you can make the hot summer days more bearable until your AC is up and running again.

Don’t let a broken AC ruin your summer! Focus on AC tune up in Winter Haven, FL, call our expert team of technicians at Integrity Refrigeration and A/C. Call us at (863) 557-4608 for reliable and efficient AC unit repair services.

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