Quick Fixes for Common Refrigeration Problems/Repairs!

Quick Fixes for Common Refrigeration Problems/Repairs!
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When it comes to keeping your food fresh, your refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your home. But breakdowns can occur from time to time, leaving you with a warm fridge and spoiled groceries. Fortunately, some common issues can be fixed quickly and easily for optimal refrigerator performance. 

In this guide, we’ll provide simple tips and tricks to fix common refrigerator problems so that you can get your fridge back in working order. So, before you hire a professional for refrigeration repair in Winter Haven, FL, or call for service, try our tips and see if you can resolve the issue on your own.

1. Check the settings: If your refrigerator isn’t cooling properly, make sure that it is set to the correct temperature. All refrigerators have an adjustable thermostat and if yours is set too low, it won’t cool effectively.

2. Check for obstructions: Check the condenser coils located on the back of your fridge and make sure that they are not covered with dust or pet hair. If these become blocked, air won’t be able to circulate properly and could cause your refrigerator to overheat. Clean the coils regularly with a vacuum cleaner attachment to ensure optimal performance.

 3. Replace worn door seals: Another common issue is worn-out door seals which can result in warm air entering your fridge and cause it to work inefficiently. To fix this problem, replace the door seal with a new one. 

4. Check the evaporator fan: If you hear weird noises coming from your refrigerator, chances are that something is wrong with the evaporator fan motor in your fridge. This component helps circulate cool air throughout the interior of your appliance and if it isn’t working properly, it could be causing your refrigerator to not cool effectively. If you suspect that this is the issue, unplug your fridge for 15 minutes and then plug it back in again – this can help reset the system and get things running smoothly again. 

Scheduling refrigeration services near Winter Haven, FL is the best way to ensure that your appliance is functioning optimally and these quick fixes can help you diagnose some common issues on your own. 
If any of our solutions don’t work, contact a professional like Integrity Refrigeration and A/C for refrigerator repairs as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Contact Integrity Refrigeration and A/C at 863-557-4608 to learn more about refrigeration installation costs in Winter Haven, FL, or book an appointment!

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