If you have an AC unit, it’s important to take the time to maintain it regularly. Doing so will help ensure that your air conditioner is functioning optimally and efficiently, saving you money in the long run. In this article, we’ll provide some DIY AC tune-up techniques that you can use to keep your unit running smoothly. With a little bit of maintenance and regular AC tune-up in Winter Haven, FL, you can keep your AC functioning like new for years to come! 

Check Your Air Filter: 

A dirty or clogged air filter can significantly reduce airflow and cause major problems with your system. It’s recommended that you check your filter every month and change it as needed. Keeping your air filter clean will also help improve air quality and reduce allergens in your home. 

Clean the Coils: 

If you find that your AC isn’t cooling as effectively as it should, it’s important to inspect the coils on the exterior of your system. Dirt, grime, and debris can build up on these coils, preventing them from exchanging heat properly. Cleaning the coils regularly will help ensure that your AC is functioning optimally and efficiently. 

Check Refrigerant Levels: 

Low levels of refrigerant can cause a variety of issues with an AC unit, including reduced cooling power, frozen evaporator coils, and increased energy costs. To check for low refrigerant levels, use a gauge or schedule emergency AC repair in Winter Haven, FL

Replace Parts as Needed: 

If you find that your AC is in need of a tune-up, it’s important to replace any worn or damaged parts. This includes belts, fan motors, and compressors. Replacing these parts will help ensure that your unit runs properly and efficiently. 

These are just a few DIY AC tune-up techniques you can use to keep your unit running smoothly. Regular maintenance and tune-ups can save you money in the long run by reducing energy costs and preventing costly repairs. If you’re not comfortable performing these tasks yourself, contact a professional HV for assistance. 

At Integrity Refrigeration and AC, we specialize in providing Winter Haven, FL homeowners with AC repair, maintenance, and installation services. Our team of highly trained technicians can help you keep your AC unit functioning like new for years to come! 

Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment for an air conditioning installation in Winter Haven, FL.

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