The manufacturer recommends servicing your HVAC system twice per year (once before Summer and once before Winter) to keep the coils clean and the system working at 100%. This minimizes breakdowns and catches small problems before they become expensive repairs.

2. Which HVAC system is right for my home?

Each home is different, so we recommend having Integrity Refrigeration and AC come by for a free estimate on a new system. We will size the unit properly for your home and make sure you are aware of all of the options that you have to make a smart future investment on your home.

3. How do I know if I need a new air conditioner?

There are several warning signs that you may need a new air conditioning system. If the temperature set on your thermostat can not be met or maintained throughout the day, high electric bills, smells coming from the unit and if you no longer have a warranty on your current air conditioning system then its most likely time to replace. Call Integrity Refrigeration and AC for a FREE estimate on a new system.

4. What is the best way to save money on my new air conditioning system?

I recommend a higher SEER unit. The higher the SEER the more efficient the system runs and the less electricity it consumes, which saves you money. The basic system is a 14-SEER and Integrity Refrigeration and AC can install over 20-SEER systems. Call Integrity Refrigeration and AC for more information.

5. Do you offer a warranty on the systems you install?

We do! Our basic system comes with a 10-year parts and compressor warranty and Integrity Refrigeration and AC offers 1-year labor warranty on all new systems. We also offer 15-SEER and up systems. For those systems we can offer 10-year PARTS, COMPRESSOR AND LABOR WARRANTY! Please call for more details.

6. What makes Integrity Refrigeration and A/C different than all of the other A/C companies?

Integrity Refrigeration and AC has an extensive training program for each of their technicians so they have the skills to quickly find the issue and know how to properly check the system to know for sure what part is bad and what should be done to get the system performing at 100%. Every technician is required to have their HVAC diploma before being promoted to Service Technician and being allowed to work on our customers equipment. Each Service Technician has a minimum of 4-years experience minimum with most of our Service Technicians having an average of 8 years or more.

We only use the best products and tools to work on your equipment which means we find the issue faster and more accurately saving the customer money. The owner overlooks all jobs to make sure everything is being done with quality and professionalism and to make sure that the customer is completely satisfied after the job is completed. We take pictures and go into detail on all invoices so you know what you are being charged and why. Integrity Refrigeration and AC has complete transparency on billing and prices. Check out our Google reviews to see what customers have to say about Integrity Refrigeration and AC.

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